Behavioral Insights

With our understanding of behaviour and decision making, we help in providing behaviour change solutions to organizations

Our behavior is subject to systematic biases where emotions, previous knowledge and environment may have a strong effect on our decisions. This makes it absolutely essential to analyse human behaviour in order to determine how people usually make decisions, so that policies can be defined accordingly.

Based on comprehensive decision-making and human behavioral studies, day-to-day decisions rely on two cognitive systems: System 1 is the emotional, automatic part of the brain, and System 2 is analytical and effortful. Studies suggest that we make 95% of our decisions using the automatic system

At Hawaz we solve challenges through an evidence-based approach
We develop creative solutions to challenging behavioral problems in business and government using scientific insights about how people actually behave and use this understanding to subtly change their behaviour. Hence, people’s behaviour can be altered in a positive manner without being intrusive.

Our Process

image Identify

Identify behavioral issues.

image Diagnose

Diagnose issues and link them to concrete frameworks.

image Design

(Digital and non-digital nudges)

image Evaluate

Measure impact and develop policy briefs.

Spectrum of services


Behavioral Change Consultancy Services

We use our knowledge of psychology and human behaviour to understand barriers, challenges, and what drives decision-making in different contexts using qualitative, quantitative, and data science methods.


Communication & Social Marketing

We assist organization in creating behaviourally-informed messages and communication strategies to drive people towards positive behaviours.


Products and Services Design

We design products/services that enrich people experiences and leverage our understanding of habits and decision making to create effective policies and programs.
To measure impact on behavior we use a range of scientific methods like:
  • A/B testing
  • RCTs
  • Quasi-experimental design