Digital Transformation

"Digital Transformation is broader than technology, it requires a radical change and a focus on the desired customer outcomes and experience"
At Hawaz, we assist our clients in planning their digital transformation journey and putting their digital strategy into implementation to reach the highest level of maturity
We offer a range of services that are designed to meet the key requirements of government and private sectors. Since Digital transformation is not only technology, it’s related to the organization strategy, people, and then the technologies. We design our approach while considering all these aspects.

Our Process

image Strategize

image Develop

image Design

image Assess

Spectrum of services


Develop Digital Transformation Strategy

  • Develop and review digital transformation strategies by understanding the organization’s current state, challenges, capabilities and desired stage.


Develop Customer Journey

  • Develop customer journey based on user behavior.
  • Perform process mining/audit on digital services for an optimal service.


Design Digital Services

  • Design digital services to streamline businesses


Digital Maturity Assessment

  • Digital maturity assessment in both organization and service level